The design of this blog is attributed to

The Mystique Theme
I first saw the theme at 2dolphins. Instantly enamored.

One of the best sites for graphics. Most of the icons were obtained from Webtreats. The background of this blog is from one of the blue smoky seamless patterns provided by Webtreats. As of now it is too colorful and cluttered. Will be going back to the simple look later.

GIMP & Brushes from DeviantArt
GIMP is a great tool. The Serendipity Logo & the Header Background were created in GIMP using brushes from a lot of artists. This page will be updated shortly with the links to their pages. Bear with me till then.

The blog also has plenty of JQuery scripts running on it. The Art Gallery Page is all JQuery based. Marries the Colorbox with the Accordion
For the Photography Page, Google RSS Feed API has been used to poll Picasa albums as well as a modified version of a nifty script (Popeye) for the slideshow. It also uses a small but powerful micro-templating script created by John Resig
Used wufoo for the contact form. That again uses Colorbox