I am me
Part Artist, 3 parts geek, part amateur guitarist, part amateur photographer. Amateur at many things. Master at none. Most of the days I might ramble about something utterly trivial. However, mostly about the things I love.
That would be music, reading books and writing. I am a total movie buff, huge FRIENDS and HIMYM and Whose Line is it Anyway fan.
On the annoying side, I am a highly pedantic and extremely private and stubborn fellow. I use sarcasm so much, that people often wonder whether I meant what I said, even if I genuinely and whole-heartedly meant what I said...The usual, all-too-familiar, in your face, pain in the ass.
A vegetarian and an agnostic atheist by choice. I love good food. Quite religious about that :P. Lastly, just in case you were wondering, I don’t like the movie Serendipity. That is just a beautiful word I found as a kid; quite by chance.

*Adapted, from the who to sue portion of the first ever blog hosted by me.
Honestly; I was being lazy.
A painfully created Contact Form for those who wish to reach out to me personally.