...and an experimental video.

This was an amateur attempt at video editing. The song is easy and I've obviously not played it the way it should be, but that's besides the point. The tool I have used for the editing is called Kdenlive. It is a versatile, easy-to-use opensource tool available for Linux/Mac.

I used Nikon's 50mm 1.8g while recording, which obviously adds to the beauty of the video with its shallow depth of field (more apparent during the shitty solo that I'm playing).

This is "Bin Tere", the Reprise version:

And although I will be listing the chords of the song here, discussion on the strumming pattern may be a waste of space. The most common rhythm pattern that has been played is somewhat DDUU-DDUU-DUDU. You can play variations on this rhythm throughout the song and it will still sound good.

C        : 032010
Cadd9    : 032030
Cadd2    : 030010
Cadd2/B  : 020010
Cmaj7    : 032000
Fmaj7    : 003210 
F        : 133211
G        : 320003
Am       : 002210
Em       : 022000

The Cadd2 & Cadd2/B are just flourishes you can utilize to keep the strumming interesting. Note that the video has lots of errors; but it is still a good enough guide for the chords listed here.

Intro Strumming: [Cadd9] [Cmaj7] [Fmaj7] x2
Intro Humming/Yodeling (!): [C] [Em] [C] [Am] [G]

Teri [C]nigahon ke, teri hi [Fmaj7]raahon ke
[F]kareeb se [G]gayi [C]zindagi. [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]
Tujhe kyun [C]dekha na?[Cmaj7] 
Tujhe kyun [Fmaj7]jaana na?
[F]Shikayatein [G]karun ya [C]nahin? [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]

[Am]Thami hai yeh saansein, 
[Em]bhari hai yeh aankhein.
[Am]Sahu kaise ab yeh [G]faasla...

Bin [C]tere, bin [Em]tere, bin [Fmaj7]tere
Koi [G]khalish hai [F]hawaon mein bin [C]tere. [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]
Bin [C]tere, bin [Em]tere, bin [Fmaj7]tere
Koi [G]khalish hai [F]hawaon mein bin [C]tere. [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]

[Strumming during SOLO]
[Am] [Em] [Am]
[Am] [Em] [Am][Cadd2][Cadd2/B]
[Am] [Em] [Am] 
[G]  [C ] [Em] 
[Fmaj7] [G ] [C ]

Kuch [C]bacha hi [Em]nahin [Am]darmiyaan,
Saans [G]leti hain [F]ab yeh [C]dooriyan. [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]
Dil [C]nahin [Em]jaanta [Fmaj7]raahon mein
Haath [G]se haath [F]choote thei [C]kahan. [Cadd2][Cadd2/B]

Kyun [C]nazar ke [Em]kinare, 
tootey [C]hain khwab [Fmaj7]saare, tu [G]bataa.
Suna [C]suna [Em]samaa hai, 
khaali [C]khaali [Fmaj7]jahan hai, ab [G]mera. 



[Arpeggios - End]