Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was a fabulous movie. Here is one of the songs from that movie. Felt I had to figure out the chords and sing it and spoil it for the rest of you :P.

Without further ado:

The Strumming Pattern on this song felt like a slight variation of the "Soul" Rhythm. It is like playing "Soul" without the tapping. Obviously, while playing it the way I did, I messed up the rhythm and the bars at many points.

G*       : 320033
A        : 002220
D        : 000232
D5       : 000230
Em7      : 022033

A7sus4   : 002233

Intro Arpeggios/Strumming: [D] [D5] x2

[D]Der lagi [D5]lekin
[G]Maine ab hai jeena [A] seekh liya
[D]Jaise bhi ho [D5]din
[G]Maine ab hai [A]jeena seekh liya[D][D5]
[G]Ab maine
[A]Yeh jaana hai, [G]khushi hai [A]kya, gham kya[D][D5]

[G]Dono hi, do pal ki hai ruttein[Em7]
Na yeh thehre na ruke[A7sus4][Asus][A]
[G]Zindagi do rangon se bane[Em7]
Ab roothe, ab maane[A7sus4][Asus][A]
[D]Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai, yahaan


[Updated to include the Bridge. Vocals absent, since I suck at that high pitch.]

[D]Koi sunaaye joh hasti muskurati ka[G]hani
Kehta hai [D]dil, main bhi sunu[G]
[D]Aansu bhi moti ho jo kisi ke nis[G]hani
Kehta hai [D]dil, main bhi chunu[G]
[D]Baa[G]hein [A]dil ki ho baahon mein [D]chal[G]ta
[A]Chalun yunhi raahon mein
[G]Bus yunhi, [F]ab yahaan, [D]kab wahaa.